Mariah Carey - Save The Day (2020)

песня Save The Day (2020)
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Текст песни Mariah Carey - Save The Day (2020)
Forty days and forty dreams
Darkened visions, incline the reason
Philosophy cannot soothe your soul
But in the mirror the truth will be known
I will show you your fears
Just look in the mirror
You can conquer your fears
Look in deep
See unobtrusive, through the lies
No longer afraid, afraid to die
Standing alone
And on the day after
All hell breaks loose
The battle will be fought
With stick and stone
The beast has our backs
Against the wall
And the power to devour
One and all
Save The Day
Save The Day
Save The Day
Bring a day of reckoning
The bowels of the Earth
Spit up the flame and fire
To burn away every foul and evil thing
No path will be left for
The heartless liar
Who will be left to claim
This land and to be king
Save The Day
Save The Day
Save The Day
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