The Vamps - Chemicals

песня Chemicals
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Текст песни The Vamps - Chemicals
Swimming in a pool of people
The only one I see is you
All these bodies dancing, but it's
Like we're standing in an empty room
We got the love in our blood now, yeah
Feels like we're coming up now, yeah
Drowning in a pool of people
Now all I ever see is you
You pull me back like nobody, nobody could
I try but I can't fight the feeling
Feels like dreaming
So give me that summertime
Sweet like caramel
The way that you get me high
Is something like, something like chemicals
Is something like, something like chemicals
Something like, something like
Bungee jumping out a jet plane
Adrenaline state of mind
Superpowers, I'm all Bruce Wayne
It's a feeling that I kinda like
Yeah, the way you got me free-falling
Make me wanna cash a cheque all in
Every time I got you with…
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